• Ian Zettervall

Medication assisted treatment: Is good the enemy of the best?

I've been a substance abuse counselor at a methadone clinic for over 5 years and sober in AA for over 19 years. When it comes to the debate of abstinence-based treatment versus medication-assisted treatment goo is the enemy of the best. While during this opiate overdose death crisis, many are alive who would not otherwise be due to being on methadone. But when it comes to the quality of life improvements, it pales in comparison to those who enter wholeheartedly into the 12 step recovery process.

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Ian Zettervall, 38 of 135 Brewster road. 12 Step Recovery Advocate. 19 years walking the walk of recovery, through thick and thin. I remember a time, 12 years old, first day of a new school, Watkinson


I I offer services and consultation for families seeking to intervene for a loved one who is struggling with active addiction I have extensive experience in the substance abuse treatment field. I am a